Top 5 plugins recommendation for your WordPress site

Today WordPress has become a very popular CMS. It holds 43% of websites on the globe. Because of the great community of WordPress and its requirements, it is very easy to use, and also mostly bloggers use WordPress for their Blog websites.

Let’s discuss the Top 5 plugins recommendation for your WordPress site.

1. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is used to rank your site on google search, and people can find your content easily. You can also do your site SEO by yourself. But with the plugin’s help, it is very easy to just manage.

Here are some great SEO plugins.

2. Contact Form

The contact form on your site is the thing where users can directly contact you by filling out the form on your website. And you can communicate on the email thread or you can also integrate your Contact form with your CRM. And make your great customer communication.

There are some great plugins for contact forms. Some of them are free and premiums.

Here are some great contact forms plugins.

Contact Form 7 is a very popular plugin in the free segment, and it has 5+ million active installations.

Gravity Form is the paid plugin, but it gives a variety of add-ons with its premium segment. Like integration with CRM, Email templates, and Payments. You can also use it for e-commerce. Check the premium add-ons.

You can also explore WP Forms(Freemium) and Ninja Forms(Freemium).

3. Site Optimization

Site Optimization is the thing where it checks the site’s performance, and caching. Google will always show that sites, which have great speed. So if you want to come on Google’s first-page index, you must have to use good site optimizations also.

Here are some great optimization plugins.

These both plugins are very popular and they have 1+ million active installations.

4. Security

Security is the main thing for your site. If you stores users’ data or any confidential information on your site, you must secure your site as well.

WordPress has some good security plugins also. Like,

Jetpack, Wordfence Security, and iTheme security have active installations of 5+ Million, 4+ Million, and 1+ Million respectively. They also prevent brute force attacks. You can blacklist and whitelist IPs according to your needs. You can get 2FA(Two-factor authentication) for login etc.

There are multiple ways to secure your site. Click here to know.

5. Sharing

Sharing is somehow a very good thing for your site if you are using it as a blog site. Because after reading the blog if users want to share it on their social media platforms then they can do it easily.

Also, check How to make your WordPress site fast and secure?

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