How to make your WordPress site fast and secure?

WordPress is among the best CMS and it holds 43% of websites. It is important to secure your WordPress site, however, if you are using it as a Blog site or Small to Medium level projects. Let’s how to make your WordPress site fast and secure?

1. Choose a very good hosting provider for your WordPress site. Today there are multiple hosting providers that give managed WordPress hosting. So they will take care of the hosting-related issue like backups, security checks, and WordPress or Plugins updates.

2. Use SSL(Secure Socket Layer) for your domain. It gives some extra security if you use any confidential services like payments.

3. As WordPress is very popular it has a vast community, that creates Themes and Plugins for WordPress. There are multiple plugins available in the market for one type of functionality. Always try to use the Themes and Plugins available on Because those are well-tested. Do not add a nulled version of the Plugin and Theme on your site.

4. Avoid using plugins for such a small functionality. Because sometimes a plugin comes with various types of CSS and JS files, eventually they will increase your website load time and make your website slow.

5. Use a good caching plugin. So it will cache the data and load your site faster.

6. Use security plugins to secure your site. Keep 2FA(Two-factor Authentication) to log in.

7. If you are adding third-party data then always sanitize it. Sometimes SQL Injection can harm your database.

8. Always use compressed images, videos, and other files because it will take less time to render on the page and will increase page speed.

9. Keep WordPress core updated. Because it can include security patches and better performance.

10. Don’t use the username as admin. It is very common to keep the username as admin. Use some tricky and strong passwords.

11. Hide your WP login URL. For almost all sites there is an available admin URL in SITE_URL/wp-admin or SITE_URL/wp-login.php. You can do it with the WPS Hide Login plugin.

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