Some great chrome extensions for Developers

Chrome extensions are very helpful in our day-to-day life. It makes our effort less and increases our efficiency. Here we are sharing Some great chrome extensions for Developers.

1. Fake Filler

When you work with forms, you need to fill out dummy data every time to check and also for unit testing. It is easy if there are few fields but, what if the form has many fields and even a multistep form? You would have to fill out the entire form to test and it will take time.

So this extension Fake Filler will help you to test your form with dummy data. You don’t need to fill in the form data manually. Just click on the extension from the chrome browser and it will automatically add the dummy data. So this can save you time in day-to-day life.

Some great chrome extensions for Developers
Fake Filler

2. JSON Formatter

While you working with REST APIs. You need to check the JSON response every time in the browser or Postman. If you are checking the response in Postman it will show in well indented. But when you check in the browser it will show messy like the below image.

Some great chrome extensions for Developers
JSON non-format

So the JSON Formatter will you to indent your response in the browser itself. No need to do anything, Just add the extension and while adding your API, you will see the response well formatted.

Some great chrome extensions for Developers
JSON Formatter

3. Omnibug

Omnibug is the extension with the help of that you can check if your analytics are working or not. This plugin is very helpful with multiple event-tracking platforms. Like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics, Facebook Pixels, etc. It will show all events triggered when you land on a page or scroll or click.

You can check and test it by going to the chrome devtool and Omnibug tab section.

Some great chrome extensions for Developers

4. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

This extension will help you to capture a screenshot in your browser. You can edit the captured screenshot and add information like text, arrows, etc. You can capture a screenshot of a selected area of the page, an entire page, or select & scroll the page.

Some great chrome extensions for Developers
Nimbus Screenshot & Video options

You can also record a video with this extension. So you do not need other extensions or applications for video recording.

It also hosts our captured screenshots and host on their servers. So we do not need to save it every time. We can just share the link and any user can see the screenshot or video.

5. Wappalyzer

With the help of this extension, you can get the idea that the website you are visiting is made with which technologies or languages. It can give you some details about the site. So you can get an idea that which CMS or framework the website is using. It also shows the e-commerce platforms, packages, libraries, plugin details as well.

Some great chrome extensions for Developers
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